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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and many State taxing agencies continue to increase the use of technology to analyze your income tax returns as a way to increase their tax revenues.

As a result, your chance of receiving IRS correspondence and/or an audit has increased dramatically. In fact, every year nearly 20 million inquiries are made on filed returns alone.

Nuttall, Donini & Associates, CPA’s is pleased to offer you a vital service for your peace of mind – Audit Protection.


Each tax year, enroll in Audit Protection. If that year’s return is audited for any reason, Nuttall, Donini & Associates, CPA’s will represent you at no additional  cost. In addition, if you receive a Correspondence Notice from the IRS and/or State Taxing Agencies, we will respond on your behalf without additional professional service fees. While we do ensure the accuracy of your return based upon information provided by you, if you incur penalties and/or interest due to a mistake made by Nuttall, Donini & Associates, CPA’s, we cover them, guaranteed. However, you are responsible for payment of any additional taxes to the appropriate taxing authority.


The Program includes the following services:

Audit – any communication, including telephone calls, initiated by the IRS or State income tax agencies that wish to audit, examine, review, investigate or verify any item or items on the income tax returns, as filed.

Audit Defense – Nuttall, Donini & Associates, CPA’s will defend you through Appeals for any income tax audit. Audit Defense will include:

  1. Discussion of what to expect and guidance on how to prepare for an audit.
  2. Strategy development with you, and meetings with the IRS and/or taxing agencies on your behalf.
  3. Defense and meeting(s) with the Auditor(s) on your behalf.
  4. Negotiations through Appeals and pre-litigation Appeals Review prior to any petition in Tax Court.
  5. Settlement provisions, with your final approval and consent.

Our Individual Accounting Services Include:

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